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Extending the visitor information and form

GoMeddo Events allows for customization of the vistor inform:

The customer can be extended by creating custom fields on the visitor object, and adding them to a new fieldset this fieldset can then be added so the visitor and the form he sees when he books a ticket, can be changed per event.

We support the following fields now:

  • Text

  • Number

  • Email

  • Phone

  • Checkbox

  • Picklists

Firstname, Lastname and emailadres cannot be removed/changed and are always part of the form.

Steps to take

  • Go to object manager

  • Go to visitor

  • Go to fields and relationship

  • Add new field

  • Go to fieldset

  • Add new fieldset

  • Add new field to fieldset

  • Go to the Main event, add the name of the fieldset in the fieldset name.

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