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After creating an event with or without sub-events, it’s time to create tickets

Navigate to “GoMeddo Events” using the App Launcher


  • Free ticket (also for a free event, a ticket needs to be created)

  • Paid ticket based on the indivual event prices, create a ticket per (sub)-event

  • Paid ticket based on bundle prices using the Event/Ticket junction

Create a simple ticket

Go to tickets and create new

  • Name

  • Label

  • Available from: This is the date & time when the ticket is available to book

  • Available untill: This is the date & time when the ticket is available to book

  • Price, this will determine the price of this ticket, if the event is free

  • Event, this will determine for which event this ticket applies, if you want to link it to multiple sub-events, see the “bundle ticket section below”.

  • If you give you’re individual sub-events separate prices, they will be summed up.

Bundle tickets - Event/Ticket junction

If you have a combination of sub-events as part of your event for which you want to create specific prices, you need to create an Event/Ticket juntion to create the bookable combinations for your event.

  • Create a ticket for the main event first

  • Then go to your ticket and to related.

  • Add all the sub-events that are part of this ticket as Event/Ticket junctions.

Important to know, all possible combinations need to be created as ticket with their corresponding sub-events.

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