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Areas and Area Occupancies

Areas can be created by using the floorplan as an admin. You have the option to create a rectangle selection, a polygonal selection or a marker, which once saved, are stored as areas. On the floorplan you can edit or delete these areas.

An area occupancy is related to the area and represents a period in which the area has a certain status. You are able to create your own statuses in the status object. The area occupancy has a start date and an end date. Allowing you to indicate a status during a period. By default GoMeddo Floorplan has the available, unavailable and maintenance statuses. The available status is by default the status that is shown when there is no area occupancy.

There is a fieldset on the area occupancy object which allows you to show fields of the area occupancy in the hover on the floorplan. This can be used to show contract information for example.

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