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Integrate with GoMeddo

If you are a GoMeddo user and want to integrate with GoMeddo Floorplan follow the following steps. This allows you to automatically create Area Occupancies based on the Reservations in GoMeddo. With this functionality you are able to see, in real-time, how updates in your resource-calendars are reflected in the floorplan.

Install the Bridge

The bridge package can be requested from and needs to be installed on your Salesforce environment. Please be aware that there is a dependency of version v4.74 of GoMeddo and V2.3 of GoMeddo Floorplan.

Assign Permission Set

After that you have to perform some configuration to give users access to the right fields. This can be done directly by assigning the Booker25 to GoMeddo Floorplan User permission set, on top of the GoMeddo Floorplan Admin or GoMeddo Floorplan User permission sets. This will give access to the following fields:

  • Read/edit for the field Reservation__c on FP25__Area_Occupancy__c

  • Read for the field Area__c on B25__Reservation__c

  • Read/edit for the field Area__c on B25__Resource__c

Create Mappings

  1. Go to Setup

  2. Go to Custom Metadata Types

  3. Click Manage Records next to Floorplan Status Mapping

  4. Click New

  5. Create a mapping by following the table below:


Label of the mapping

Floorplan Status Mapping Name

The GoMeddo Status name

Status Name

The Floorplan Status name

For example:

Map Resource to Area

Go to the Resource that you want to sync. There is a field on the GoMeddo Resource object named Area__c which you can fill with the Area that needs to be kept in sync.

What’s next?

Now you can create a floorplan, create an area on that floorplan and go to the GoMeddo resource that you want to keep in sync with the area. There is a field on the GoMeddo Resource object named Area__c which you can fill with the Area you just created.

Now, when you create a reservation an Area Occupancy is created/updated to reflect the status and time of the reservation.

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