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Integrate with GoMeddo Subscription Management

If you are a GoMeddo Subscription Management user and want to integrate with GoMeddo Floorplan follow the following steps. This allows you to automatically create Area Occupancies based on the Contract Lines stored in GoMeddo Subscription Management. With this functionality you are able to see, in real-time, how updates in your contracts are reflected in the floorplan.

Install the bridge

We included all the logic in the following package, which needs to be installed on your Salesforce environment. Please be aware that there is a dependency of version v1.280 of GoMeddo Subscription Management and V2.00 of GoMeddo Floorplan.

This package installs two new statuses:




Related to a contract product that does not have an end-date and is therefore in theory an “never-ending” contract product.

Occupied (End date known)

Related to a contract product that does have a end-date and will be available after the end-date has passed.

There will be a new lookup field on the Contract Product object that GoMeddo Subscription Management brings that is named “Area”. The best thing to do is drag this to the fieldset that is packaged on the Contract Product (the fieldset is named Custom Fields, see screenshot below), next time when you create a contract product you can assign an area to that contact product, which will tell this package to recreate the contract product term as an area occupancy.


Updating the Area Occupancy that is related to a contract product directly will not update that contract product with new data. E.g. You cannot adjust your contract from the area occupancies, this is a one-way flow from Contract Product to Area Occupancy.

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