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Add the Recurring component to the Reservation page

GoMeddo includes a Lightning component that can be placed on the Reservation record page. This component allows users to convert an existing Reservation into a recurring Reservation. It also allows them to modify the recurrence for Reservations that are already recurring.

Soft Conflicts

This component will create reservations with soft-conflicts, even if your conflict checking for your dimensions is set to hard-conflicts. The reason for this is that it works asynchronously, and if you would get hard conflicts during any of the batch jobs, those jobs fail quietly and the reservations do not get created at all. To prevent this we are creating the conflicts records instead.

Steps to add the component

By default, the Recurring component is already on the Reservation record page. If it isn’t there, or you want to display the component in a different location, you can follow these steps.

  1. Go to the record page of an existing Reservation. One easy way to get there is to click on a Reservation on the Calendar, and then on the form click the button ‘View in Salesforce’.

  2. On the top right of the page, click the gear icon and select ‘Edit Page

  3. On the left hand side of the page editor, under Lightning Components, scroll down to find the component named Recurring Reservation.

  4. Drag and drop the component on the page, and click Save.

  5. (Optional) Control when the component is visible by adding Component Visibility Filters after selecting the component in the page editor.

Using the component

Once the Recurring component has been added to the Reservation record page, it will be visible to users. Users can use the component to convert an existing Reservation to a Recurring Reservation, or to modify the recurrence of a Reservation that is already recurring.

Make a Reservation recurring

To make a Reservation recurring, first you will have to navigate to the Reservation’s record page in Salesforce.

  1. On the calendar, click on an existing Reservation to open up the form.

  2. At the bottom of the form, click on the View in Salesforce button.

Once you’re on the Reservation record page, use the Recurrence component on the right hand side to make the Reservation recurring.

  1. Click the Next button to get started.

  2. Choose a recurrence pattern. This can be expressed in days, weeks, months, or years.

  3. If you choose a weekly pattern, you can indicate which days of the week.

  4. If you choose a monthly or yearly pattern, the options you see will be based on the start date of the Reservation you are currently viewing.

  5. After choosing the recurrence pattern, choose an end condition. You can either have the series end at a specific date, or after a specific number of occurrences.

  6. Once satisfied with the recurrence pattern and end condition, click Save. A popup will inform you of the pending changes. When first making a Reservation recurring, this overview will indicate a number of new Reservations to be created, and one Reservation to be updated. This is the current Reservation which will have its Recurring Reservation field set.

  7. Click OK to confirm the changes. A spinner will indicate that the system is processing your changes. This is a background process which will normally take only a few seconds, depending on the size of your changes.

  8. Once the process is done, the spinner will disappear, and the component will be available again to modify the recurrence settings for this Reservation. You will also receive an email with a link to the newly created Recurring Reservation record.

Viewing the entire series

If a Reservation is already recurring, you can view the entire series by going to the Recurring Reservation record. You can tell whether a Reservation is already recurring by looking at the Recurring Reservation lookup in the details of the Reservation. If you have not modified the fields on the Reservation page layout, this field can be found in the section ‘Additional Information’.

  1. On the Reservation record details, click on the Recurring Reservation.

  2. On the Recurring Reservation record, go to the Related tab.

  3. If the series is too long to display, click View All at the bottom of the list.

Troubleshooting the Recurrence component

To track the background process for modifying recurring series, the component uses the field ‘Job Id’ on the Recurring Reservation object. The component fills this field with a job id once it starts processing, and will clear it again if the job completed successfully. This field is not intended for normal users, but can be useful for admins when troubleshooting. You can inspect job status by going to Setup → Apex Jobs.

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