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Disable GoMeddo Triggers

GoMeddo allows you to either permanently or temporarily disable any of its triggers. This can be particularly useful for speeding up data loads of large amounts of Reservations, for example.

  1. In setup, go to the Object Manager and then to the Object that you want to disable the trigger for. Click on Triggers and note the exact name of the trigger, ‘ReservationLayout_c’ in the case of this example:

  2. In setup, enter ‘custom settings’ in the search box:

  3. In the list of custom settings, find the entry named ‘System Setting’ in the B25 namespace, and click ‘Manage’:

    If you don’t see this entry in the list, check if the selected view is preventing you from seeing the B25 namespace.

  4. Click New, and enter the word ‘Disable’ followed by a space and then the exact name of the trigger from step 1. In our example this would result in ‘Disable ResourceLayout_c’. Make sure to check the box next to ‘Boolean Value’.

  5. Save the record. The trigger is now disabled. In the future, whenever you want to enable or disable this trigger, go to this record and toggle the checkbox next to ‘Boolean Value’.

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