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GoMeddo latest version

Important! Make sure to always install “For Admins Only”.

If the install fails because of ‘(Booker25EmailTemplates) To create email template folders, enable Folders and Enhanced Sharing., please follow these steps.

Version 5.11 -December 1st, 2023

Bugfixes & Improvements

  • We made some changes to our components to improve compatibility with Commerce and LWR Experience Cloud templates

  • When deleting a calendar/status/type we now also delete the associated colors.

  • View In Salesforce" buttons on Resources & Types tab now open in a new browser tab

  • We now round the occupancy percentage in the occupancy hover

  • Some improvements in showing date time fields on the hover

  • Improved the stability of the Google Calendar Sync

  • A lot of improvements to our recently delivered Time Slot Picker (for flows) | Reservation-time-slot-picker

  • Relaxed permission checking in our Apex action to send emails with ICS attachments from flows Using flow templates to send email

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