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Latest version
Version 5.4 -May 10, 2023


  • We’ve extended our Custom Form Logic . It was already possible to improve the behaviour of the reservation form with custom form logic.
    But we added some new possibilities. It’s now possible to enable or disable fields, show or hide fields, or show or hide entire sections. And use this when opening the reservation form.  This way you can improve the user experience by only showing users the necessary fields and sections. find out how to do this, check out our documentation page on Custom Form Logic. 

  • We made some improvements to the Reservation Record page layout. It’s now possible to use the reservation form on the page layout instead of using the standard Salesforce fields. Making it more consistent and easy to edit your reservation from the record page. 

Bugfixes & Improvements

  • Bugfix [Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'start')]

  • Small bug with duration and reservations without reservation type.

  • Fixed some related list bug and made some small improvemnts

  • In a clean install VisualForce calendars and tabs shouldn't be visible anymore.

  • Removed the View Calendar from context pointing to the old calendars.

  • Dynamic picklists (like status) now display a “none” options

  • The standalone recurring components had problems if the recurring Id was not on the page

  • Multi entity lookups work correctly now on the reservation form