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ICU Date format - 'Invalid Date and Time' error

Salesforce ICU Update

Salesforce is enforcing the new ICU formats, which means that dates are stored differently in the database. GoMeddo is fully compatible with both date formats but, after the security update from Salesforce has been activated in your org, you need to let GoMeddo know which format your users are using.

We advise you to roll out this critical update earlier than the enforced date, so you are in control and can assist your users.

Error overview - 'Invalid Date and Time'

You or you users may receive an 'Invalid Date and Time' error when trying to save a Reservation from the calendar:

  • End (local time): Invalid Date and Time

  • Start (local time): Invalid Date and Time

This has to do with the new ICU date formats settings that Salesforce is enforcing. 


  1. Check your Salesforce org ICU Locale Formats setting as described here

  2. In the GoMeddo app, navigate to the Settings tab

  3. Make sure the 'Enable ICU Locale Formats' setting under the Release Updates header matches your org setting

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