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Resource Layouts

GoMeddo supports defining multiple layouts for your resources. A resource layout, also known as a resource configuration, is an arrangement of the furniture in the resource. Typical examples include boardroom, horseshoe, theater or round table. Each layout can have a different capacity. When the user creates a reservation in a resource with multiple layouts, a dropdown appears on the form allowing them to select a layout.

Defining Layouts

  1. Go to the Resources & Types tab.

  2. Select a resource in the hierarchy on the right.

  3. In the left panel, on the Related subtab, scroll down to the Layouts related list. If you don’t see this list, make sure the resource you selected is a rentable resource.

  4. On the Layouts related list, click New and give the Layout a name.

  5. Give the Layout a capacity. You can leave this field blank to indicate infinite capacity.

  6. Use the Is Active checkbox to control whether users will be able to select the Layout when making a reservation.

  7. Optionally, set the default checkbox to make this layout the default in the dropdown on the reservation form.

  8. Click Save. The layout will now show up in the related list.

  9. On the Resource Calendar tab, open the reservation form to verify that the Layout is available to users. If you don’t see the Layout, double check that the selected resource on the form is the same resource that you defined the Layout for (see step 2).

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