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Translate GoMeddo


Almost all of the labels in GoMeddo are stored in Salesforce Custom Labels. This means you can easily translate GoMeddo into any language that is supported by Salesforce.

Missing a label? Feel free to inform us via!

How to translate GoMeddo

Enable translations in Salesforce

How to do this is explained by Salesforce here.

Translate GoMeddo Custom Labels

  1. Go to Setup

  2. Search for Custom Labels

  3. Create a new view, to show all the GoMeddo custom labels as follows:

  4. You can now click on any label and translate it accordingly:

Translate GoMeddo Custom Fields (or other items)

  1. Go to Setup

  2. Search for Override

  3. Make sure you select GoMeddo as the package

  4. Select the Language you wish to translate to

  5. Select the Custom field option in the setup component field and select the Object you want to translate

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