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Configure Ingenico

The configuration of Ingenico (WorldLine) in GoMeddo Payments is a two-part process. First, you need to provide GoMeddo with the settings for your account. GoMeddo will come back to you with your account and payment provider id. Then set up the webhook.

Provide the API key

  1. Login to your Ingenico dashboard, the URL depends if you have a sandbox or production account.

    1. Production

    2. Pre-Production

    3. Sandbox

  2. Navigate to Merchant IDs under account settings.

  3. Copy the Merchant ID.

  4. Navigate to API Keys under account settings.

  5. Copy the API key Id and the Secret API key.

  6. Navigate to Webhooks keys under account settings.

  7. Copy the Key Id and the Secret Key.

  8. Now create a secure note with all the values you copied and share it via Cryptex. Make sure to also include if this is a production or test environment in the note. (Note: The generated link is valid once. Do not open it once generated)

    1. If you already have an account for GoMeddo Payments please also include the account id.

  9. Share the Cryptex link with GoMeddo

  10. You will receive your account id and provider id along with the confirmation that your Ingenico account is configured. Now continue with setting up the webhook.

Setup the webhook

You can only do this step once you have gotten your account id and provider id from GoMeddo

  1. Login to your Ingenico (WorldLine) dashboard

  2. Go to “Webhooks”, this should be under merchant settings

  3. Click “Add endpoint”

  4. In the Endpoint URL field specify the following url (replace <account id> and <provider id> with your values):<account id>/provider/<provider id>/callbacks

  5. Select the “Send all events”

  6. Enter your password as verification

  7. Click “Add webhook”.

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