1. Simple CPQ, allowing you to create contract lines which include a product which can be invoiced according to your defined invoice cycles (daily, monthly, quarterly, yearly). 

  2. Automatic contract extensions, allowing you to create the contract and automatically extend it after the last notice date.

  3. Create advanced invoice models, which can include a growth-model. For example, a growth-model represents a previously agreed-upon increase in the number of products some buys for you over a longer period of time.

  4. Do advanced discounting, give discounts over the first contract period but cancel these discounts if someone extends the contract. 

  5. Support for freemium models

  6. Both one-time and recurring invoices are supported.

  7. Calculate contract revenues, do reporting on a guaranteed future revenue

  8. Support multiple business entities (administrations)

  9. Support for multi-currency

  10. Calculate VAT rates on top of the products in an administration

  11. Calculate ARR and MRR (Annual and Monthly Recurring Revenue)

  12. Invoice aggregation, make sure to invoice once a month from various sources.

  13. Bring your own custom invoice template, making sure the invoice looks is there in your branding

  14. Automatic sending of the invoices to the contacts email

  15. Synchronisation with multiple accountancy systems, including Twinfield and Exact Online.

  16. Option to link to any other accountancy system with limited development; Financial Force, Exact Globe, Reeleezee, Netsuite, AFAS

  17. Contracting indexation, allowing you to increase all contracts amounts based on negotiated indexation percentages.

  18. Support for crediting invoices

  19. Manual add one-time invoice-lines.

  20. Invoice on a set date (first day of the month or last business day of the month). Or X days after the invoice creation.