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Creating Recurring Reservations

What is a recurring reservation?

A recurring reservation is a reservation that occurs multiple times.

When you make a reservation recurring, GoMeddo will clone the original reservation multiple times, resulting in a series of reservations. These reservations can then be edited individually, or the entire series can be edited.

How do I make recurring reservations?

There are two ways in which you can create recurring reservations:

Both ways are very similar, and the next step-by-step guide will focus on creating a recurring reservation from the calendar.

Step-by-step Guide

1. Create a normal reservation

Go to a calendar and create a reservation. Fill in any fields that you want to be populated on every reservation in the final series.

2. Make the reservation recurring

On the reservation form, scroll down to the section Recurring Reservation, and check the box next to “Create a series of recurring reservations”. New options will appear to provide the details of the recurrence:

If the Recurring Reservation section is not visible, ask your admin to make sure the setting “Enable recurring reservations” has been enabled.

3. Choose when the reservation should occur

For the end condition, you can either choose to have the series end on a specific date, or after a set number of occurrences.

For “Repeat Every”, you can either choose Day, Week, Month or Year. According to which of these you choose, some more options will appear. If you choose Week, for example, you will be able to choose which days of the week the reservation should occur:

4. Save the reservation

After you are satisfied with the recurrence options, click the Save button at the bottom of the reservation form. The reservation form will close and a popup will appear with a final summary of the number of reservations to be created. At this point you can click Cancel to go back to the reservation form, or Ok to allow GoMeddo to create the actual reservations in the series.

When you create a recurring series of reservations, the related dimension junctions are copied for every instance of that reservation. Related records however are not copied and need to be added to the individual instances of that reservation.

5. Fix any conflicts

It is possible that the series you are about to create would result in conflicts. For example, some reservations in the series might conflict with another reservation already occupying the same resource, or take place outside the opening times of a resource.

If this is the case, right after clicking Ok in the confirmation popup, GoMeddo will open a panel on the right side of the reservation form. In this panel you can see each individual reservation that would currently be created.

In the panel, valid reservations are marked with a green symbol, while invalid reservations are marked with a red symbol. To fix invalid reservations, you can click on them in the side panel, and then in the main form you can make any changes necessary to that individual reservation.

Every change you make in the form will lead to GoMeddo revalidating that individual reservation. As long as there is any problem, the top bar of the form will show a red icon and the text “Validation Error”. Hovering over the red icon will give you more information why this reservation is not valid.

It is also possible to remove reservations from the series by clicking the garbage can icon. These will remain visible in your list and can be restored by clicking the plus icon, if you change your mind.

When you are ready fixing each reservation, simply click Save again to commit your changes.

None of your changes are visible to any other users until you have successfully saved the entire series.

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