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Filter SObject Reference

Filters used in Calendar Filters are stored in two (hidden) objects.

The LWC filters works with two different sObjects, Stored Filter Set and Stored Filter Set Values. For the filters to work a user needs read access to both objects.

In order to create/update/delete personal/global filters users require create, update, and delete permissions on the Stored Filter Set sObject.

If a user has to be able to edit properties on a global filter that they don’t have normal edit permission on, they require create/update permission on the Stored Filter Set Values sObject as well.

Stored Filter Set

Stores a filter configuration for the GoMeddo Lighting filters.




Stores the identifier that determines on what calendars this filter will be visible.


The user this filter belongs to. When empty the filter is global.

User Updateable Properties

The options that user can edit when loading a global filter. Changes are saved per individual user. In the Stored Filter Set Values sObject.

Filter Json

Stores the JSON that represents the stored filter.

Stored Filter Set Values

Stores individual users overridden values for global filters.



Stored Filter Set

The filter that this record contains the values for.


The user these values apply to.

Stored Values

Stores the JSON that represents the stored filter values.

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