This is an example how to setup a very simple flow adding the Zoom link to the reservation once it’s created.

  1. Go to Setup -> flows and create a new flow

  2. Create a Scheduled path

  3. Create a variable that can have multiple values of the reservation and fill it with the reservations you want to have a meeting created for using.

  4. Add an Apex Action to the scheduled path

  5. Select / Search for “Create Zoom meetings for list of reservations

  6. Set the input value “reservations“ to your reservation list

  7. Set the input value for “zoomUserId“ to the e-mail address of the zoom user you want to be the creator of the meeting

  8. Save and activate the flow

  9. The flow will now fill the “Zoom_Join_Url__c” field on the Reservation object asynchronously depending on your configuration.