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Set the meeting url using a flow

This is an example of how to setup a very simple flow which adds a Zoom url to a Reservation once it’s created

  1. Go to Setup > Flows and create a new Flow

  2. Select Record-Triggered Flow

  3. Select Reservation as the object, leave the defaults and at the bottom select “Include a Run Asynchronously path to access an external system after the original transaction for the triggering record is successfully committed”

  4. Create a Reservation Collection variable

  5. Under Run Asynschronously, click the +

  6. Create an Assignment as follows

  7. Next, add an Action

  8. Select Create Zoom meetings for list of reservations

  9. Set the input value reservations to your Reservation Collection

  10. Set the input value for "zoomUserId" to the email address of the Zoom user you want to designate as the creator of the meeting, this can be a fixed one or use a field somewhere on the resource, staff etc you’re booking to dynamically do this.

  11. Save and activate the flow

  12. The flow will now fill the “Zoom_Join_Url__c” field on the Reservation object asynchronously depending on your configuration.

Users who can make reservation should also have the GoMeddo Zoom Permission assigned in order for this flow to run, so make sure to add or assign these permissions to the right userrs.

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