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Scheduling Jobs

There is a page “GoMeddo Subscription Jobs” that allows you to schedule the jobs. This page explains what the jobs are doing.


This jobs runs the indexation on an monthly schedule to adjust applicable contract and contract products based on the indexation rate. This means:

  • Applicable contract products will be adjusted by a percentage on the index rate when the month and year of that index rate correspond with the month and year on the contract

  • A correction order is made when contract is already invoiced


This job calculates the contract revenues for activated contracts. It generates Contract Revenue records which can be used for reporting.


Emails the admins of the org with the errors occurring in the org.


This job takes care of time-dependent actions on contracts. This means:

  • contracts will be activated if the start date is passed and the contract is ready

  • contracts will be terminated when the termination date is passed

  • contracts will be extended when the notice date is passed


This job emails the invoices, this should only run after the Job_InvoiceCreation + Job_InvoicePDFCreation has run.

Emails will only be sent when the Email_Status__c field on the invoice has "Pending" or "Error" as values. Additionally, the account should have the checkbox "Digital Invoicing" set to true.


When this job is scheduled all the reminders will automatically be emailed to the designated contacts in the system.


The jobs will create exact queue items to sync accounts, debtors, creditors, ledger accounts and get open amounts


This job updates the invoices with the open amount in Twinfield/Exact.


This batch creates invoices for all Draft orders that are older than the cooldown period and that are not already on another invoice.


This creates the actual PDF, needs to run after the Job_InvoiceCreation job


This job takes care of the application of recurring orders (ie orders will be generated)


This job takes care of time-dependent actions on recurring orders, this means:

  • Recurring orders will be set to inactive if the end date is passed.


When this job is scheduled all the reminders will automatically be created in the system.


Allowing you to spread revenue over time in Twinfield


This job handles account synchronisation, this means that all accounts that were changed since the last run will be synchronised to administrations they are related to and all debtors that were changed will be upserted in Salesforce. From the finish method, the administration queue batches will be started


This jobs handles any administration requests that need to be synced to Twinfield.


On a reminder level you can set an automatic number of days which are taken into account when blocking an account/invoice. after the specified number of days the account/invoice will automatically be unblocked.


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