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GoMeddo Widget FAQ

  • Can I place the GoMeddo Widget on any site?

The widget javascript snippet can be placed on any site that allows execution of javascript code. For environments that do not support javascript, we have added an iframe snippet to still allow you to load the widget. Of course, browser support is limited to most modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and the newest version of Microsoft Edge (chromium)

  • Where can I place a custom fields such as a phone number for the reservation form?

You can create a custom field on the Reservation Contact object and place this in the Field Set - External Client Fields. You can build automation to copy this field value to the object you want this data on.

  • Where is the Notes field saved?

The notes field saves to the Reservation Contact object. From there you can build automation to place it on the location of your choice.

  • Where is the email address saved?

The email address is saved on the Lead or Contact, depending on which record you chose to create the Reservation with. When building automation for email confirmations you can use the creation of the Reservation Contact as the trigger. Please use the Lead/Contact email field or create a formula field on the Reservation Contact to use the email address for sending the email.

  • How do I change the labels and texts that are shown in the widget?

Log in to your widget configuration url ({insert the name of your business here}/configure/settings/) to change all texts and labels.

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