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Configuration Page Field Definitions

Configuration Page

The GoMeddo Widget configuration page has various fields and settings which sometimes require some additional context to understand their function and relation to the GoMeddo Widget.


In this section you can configure the settings for this GoMeddo API Configuration Page (



General Settings


This field contains the name of the configuration page


This field contains the slug. This is part of the url such as{slug}/configure/settings/ for this configuration page


Current API user

First and Last Name of the current integration user

(Re)set API user

Allows you to reset the user in case of issues or to change the user for the integration. Only one user can be used for the integration


Base URL

Base URL of the API to be used in other applications if needed

Whitelisted Domains

Whitelist of domains that can use the API.

Add Entry

Allows you to add an extra entry for whitelisting

Create new App

Allows you to create a new App for this configuration


In this section you will find all configured apps you have created. Selecting one of the Apps will open its configuration page.



General Settings


Name as shown in the configuration under Apps header


Slug to be used as part of the app url. For example: {business slug}{app slug}

Visit Page

Navigates directly to your full page app

Delete button

Allows you to delete this App

Publish landingpage

Enables/Disables the full page app url

Terms and conditions

Legacy field. Allows you to define text for a terms and conditions link on the full page app.

Reservation Settings

Reservation Model

Select which reservation model to use. Please read the documentation for more information on how the models work.

Default reservation status

Select which status to use when creating new reservations in GoMeddo

Default reservation cancelled status

Select which status to use when cancelling reservations

Default reservation type

Select which reservation type to use when creating reservations

Don’t allow double booking

Only works when using Availability Based Reservation Model. When Enabled, users can not book a time slot multiple times. When disabled, users can book a time slot more than once

Timeslot length in minutes

Defines the length of the time slot that users see in the app

Gap between timeslots in minutes

Defines the time between time slots that users see in the app

The minimum minutes in advance a timeslot can be booker

Defines the duration of time between ‘now’ and the first bookable time slot in the future that users see in the app. This is specifically built for the COVID situation where users should not be able to book a time slot within now and 4 hours.

Registrant type

Which Salesforce Object should be used when creating reservations

Use company field

When enabled, the ‘company name’ field is shown in the app and is used to define this name on a Lead. Or when Contact is chosen as registrant type the company name will be used for the creation of a related Account when filled in.

Reservation Type Settings


If checked, allows the user to choose this type


Custom duration for timeslot for this type. If set to zero, use default timeslot settings.
If you use (enforced) duration on the reservation type in GoMeddo, you should use the same duration in the widget.


Custom gap between timeslots of this type. If duration for this type is set to zero, this field is ignored.

Resource Settings

Resource Filters

Select which parent resources (non-bookable resources) you want to use in your app as filtering layers. Multiple filters can be used when they have a Parent-Child relation to allow flexible filtering.

Bookable resources

Select which bookable resources should be shown in the app.

Root resource salesforce id

Allows users to define which resource is considered the root of the resource tree


Primary background color

Defines the primary color for styling in the app

Primary font color

Defines the font color to be used in conjunction with the primary background color.

First day of week

Which day of the week to start the datepicker with

Default language

Which enabled translation language to use by default



Field type of the custom field from Salesforce

Salesforce field name

API name of the field in Salesforce


Label received from Salesforce to be shown in the app


Default value for the field to be shown in the app


Order in which the fields are shown in the app

Eye icon

When enabled, the field is hidden from the app

Star icon

When the custom field is defined as Required in Salesforce, the star icon will be shown

Delete icon

Legacy icon. Will be removed

Landing Page Settings

Use Custom Action

When enabled, the user will be redirected to a custom URL once the reservation is created successfully when pressing the Confirm button

Custom URL

Fill in to which URL the user needs to be redirected


URL to a publicly hosted logo. This can be .jpg/.jpeg/.gif/.svg format. Recommended dimensions are are 100x20 pixels


URL to a publicly hosted image for the header on the landing page


Title text to be shown in the browser tab when using full page app

Focus point

Recenter CSS property for the header image when using the full page app

Widget Settings

Show the ‘group size’ step

Enables the ‘number of people’ input field on the first page of the app

Show payments

Enables all references to payment information in the app

Show inclusive prices

If enabled, the prices will be shown including taxes.

Show notes

Enables the Notes step in the checkout process in the app

Show location in reservation summary

Shows the location in the reservation summary

Automatically select a bookable resource

Automatically selects an available bookable resource. Useful if you want to automatically pick an appointment slot for example

Show selected resource step

When this setting is disabled, the step of showing the selected resource is skipped



Text shown on the widget button

Background color

Background color of the text in the button

Font color

Color of the text in the button

Logo background color

Background color of the logo in the widget button

Widget is open by default

When enabled, this will open the widget by default. When disabled, users have to click the button first to open the widget

Show GoMeddo logo on the button

When enabled the GoMeddo logo is shown in the button

Widget Code

Inject Snippet

JavaScript for injecting the widget on your site

The widget can also be iframed

‘iframe snippet for embedding the widget in your website. This snippet still needs CSS styling, please only use if you understand CSS and its implications.


Enabled languages

Languages that users can select in the app for translations


Salesforce Object translations


Fields to be translated for the Landingpage app


Fields to be translated for the Widget app

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