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Create Reservation with Contact

The GoMeddo Widget allows users to configure either the creation of a Contact or Lead when a reservation is created. Users can configure this in the Configuration page:{name}/configure/settings

This page describes the configuration for Contact

Contacts with Duplicate Contacts

The GoMeddo Widget allows you to create reservations with Contact records. When creating Contacts there are usually two situations:

  • Create new Contact (or Contact with Account when Company Name is filled in)

  • Create Reservation with existing Contact when exact match on email is found

The table below shows the behaviour of the duplicate records when using Contacts to create Reservations


Registrant type: Contact




Create reservation with new email address

New contact is created

Create reservation with existing email on contact

Contact with matching email is used for creating a reservation

What happens with the Company field?

Use Company field



Account Name is filled in with value entered in widget, considering the Account Duplicate Rules

When no value has been filled in, only a Contact record is created and thus the Contact is Private


Account is left empty and thus the Contact is Private

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