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Open the widget with a default selected resource

The widget can select a location by default so the user does not have to do this manually. There are two ways to achieve this.

  1. Have only one location available
    When there is only one location available, the widget will use that one by default. It will show the location picker with the location already selected.

  2. Have a default selected location in the query parameters
    When the widget loads it looks at the parent's query parameters. If there is a parameter called b25resource= with the value of a resource id, it will select that one by default. The user of the widget is still free to change the location by using the location picker.

    1. When the widget is placed on a sub-page (for example the parameter should be ?b25resource= followed by the resource id. The full url will look like:

    2. When using the web component, ensure resource is specified in the auto attribute. The auto attribute works like class: a list of tokens separated by white-space.

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