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Widget Reservation Services

This guide explains how to configure and display reservation services on the widget.

To follow the steps below you need to have installed the GoMeddo package and the GoMeddo Widget & integration package

Setup guide

  1. In Salesforce, navigate to the setup menu by clicking the gear icon that is located in the upper right corner of your screen

  2. Click the Object Manager tab on the upper left corner of the screen,  search for the Service object through the Quick Find box and navigate to the object settings

  3. Click the Page Layout tab from the sidebar menu and then click on the Service Layout entry

  4. Find the VAT Rate, Description, Image UrlIncluded By Default and Quantitative fields and drag them to the desired location on the Service Detail section below

    1. Make sure to fill each field as not filling them could cause issues in the widget

  5. Click Save to add the fields on the Service Layout

  6. In the widget configuration page, enable the Show additional services step setting under the widget settings section of your widget app.

  7. Finally, add translations if needed in the sub-section Widget Reservation Services Page under the Widget Translations section (English & Dutch translations are included by default)


Adding Services

  1. In Salesforce, press the App Launcher button on the upper left corner of the interface

  2. Search for Services and click on the entry that appears under the items header

  3. Add a new service by pressing the New button on the upper right corner

  4. Fill in the appropriate information for the service to be displayed

  5. Press Save

Adding Service Availabilities

To make a service available in the widget, you need to add a service availability to the bookable resource. This resource needs to be Api Visible and available during the time for which you want your service to be available.

  1. From the GoMeddo App in Salesforce, navigate to the Resources & Types tab

  2. Find the resource for which you want to add a service availability and navigate to the resource related tab

  3. Click New to add a new service availability


  1. Search for the service that you want to add, fill in the

start and end date/time and insert the available quantity of the service (Leave the quantity field empty in case this service has unlimited quantity)

  1. Click


Service Configurations

  • Included By Default

          To have a service included by default on every reservation that a widget visitor makes, you can enable the Included By Default checkbox on the specific service layout



  • Quantitative Service

           If you wish to allow a widget visitor to request a specific quantity of the service on their reservation, you can enable the Quantitative checkbox on the specific service layout




           If the Quantitative checkbox is left unchecked, the quantity of the service will be 1 by default for every reservation made via the widget.



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