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Connect Dimension records to Google calendars

In order to start synchronising GoMeddo Dimension records with Google calendars, a link needs to be created for each Dimension record you want to sync. This article explains how to do this.

Before you set up Dimension records for Google, you should have set up Authentication for Google: Setup Google Authentication

Set up Dimensions for Google sync

First we have to tell GoMeddo what dimensions we would like to sync to Google. If you want to sync Resource or Staff records, you can skip step 1-4 

  1. Go to Object Manager

  2. Go to the Sync Connection object

  3. Go to the Fields & Relationships section

  4. Create a lookup field to the Dimension object you want to sync. You can give it any name.

  5. Navigate to the Dimensions tab

  6. Click on the Dimension you want to sync

  7. Fill in the name of the field you just created (or that already existed for Resource (B25__Resource__c) and Staff (B25__Staff__c)) in the Sync Field (you may need to add this field to the page layout)

  8. If you have multiple Dimension Fields for this Dimension or have another dimension that will be synced, go to each Dimension Field record, and set a Sync Priority (you may need to add this field to the page layout). The lower the number, the higher the priority. Number 1 will be the Google calendar to which a Reservation is synced, while lower numbers will be invited as attendees.

Create Sync Connections

Now we need to create a Sync Connection record for each Dimension record you want to sync.

  1. Navigate to the Sync Connections tab

  2. Click New

  3. Fill the Dimension lookup with the record you want to sync to Google. This could be the lookup you created in the previous steps, or a Resource or Staff record

  4. In the User Id field, fill in the email address of the Google User / Google Resource to which you want to sync GoMeddo Reservations.

  5. Change the User Type field to 'Resource' if the Google ID in the previous step is the ID of an Google Resource user, instead of regular Google user

  6. (Optional) Specify the name of the Calendar Name to which you want to sync the GoMeddo Reservations. If empty, the GoMeddo Reservations are synced to the Google user's primary calendar

  7. (Optional) Check Activate After Validation. On insert of this record, GoMeddo will attempt to make a connection with this Google calendar and get required information no matter the value of this field. If this succeeds, the connection is marked as 'Valid'. If you check Activate After Validation it will also be activated, setting the Active checkbox.

  8. Click Save

  9. Wait for GoMeddo to validate the connection, this may take a few seconds and you may need to refresh the newly created record page. When the connection is validated, the valid checkbox will be checked. If an error occurs during validation, an Google Sync Error record will be created as a child record of the newly created record.
    Failed connection validation:

    Successful connection validation:

Any Reservations created on the specified Dimension record will now be synced to the specified Google calendar.

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