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Google Calendar Integration

GoMeddo allows you to sync Dimension records with Google calendars. This article explains how to connect your GoMeddo environment with your Google Calendar environment.

We assume you already have GoMeddo installed and have read the Google Sync Considerations

  • Only Reservations that are linked to a Dimension using a Dimension Field will be synced.

  • Google resources can only synced as attendees to the meeting, Google does not allow us to sync a Google Resource to a GoMeddo Resource or staff primarily

Install the Google Integration extension package

Before you start, please send us an email at informing us that you are going to set up the Google Calendar integration. We will then provide you with a few licenses to get you started.

You can safely ignore and accept the warning that the extension package has not passed the Salesforce Security Review

Please follow the following steps:

  1. Setup Google Authentication

  2. Connect Dimension records to Google calendars

  3. Mapping Google fields

  4. Google Sync Object Reference

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