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Setup Google Authentication

GoMeddo allows you to sync Dimension records with Google calendars. This article explains how to connect your GoMeddo environment with your Google Calendar environment.

In order for the GoMeddo Google Calendar extension to work, you will need to setup and deploy My Domain to your users.

Google Calendar configuration

  1. Go to the Google API Console

  2. Create a project for GoMeddo Google Workspace Integration

  3. Go to Library in the API Console and make sure the GoMeddo project is selected

  4. Search for Google Calendar API and enable it for this project

  5. Go to Credentials in the API console and make sure the GoMeddo project is selected

  6. Click Create Credentials and then Service Account

  7. Go through the Service Account creation process

  8. Go to the Service Account Detail page and enable Domain Wide Delegation

    1. Copy the Email, you will need it in a later stage

    2. Copy the Unique ID, you will need it in a later stage

  9. Go to the Keys tab and generate a new key in the p12 format. Remember the password given to you by google and save the file

The key file generated from this is required to connect the Salesforce environment to the Google Workspace environment. Keep this key secure because anyone with this key have the same access to the Google Workspace account as GoMeddo.

This key is in the wrong format to use in salesforce we first have to convert it. First rename the file you just downloaded to something more simple going forward we will assume salesforce-gomeddo.p12

run the following command in the folder the salesforce-gomeddo.p12 file is in

keytool -importkeystore -destkeystore salesforce-gomeddo.jks -srckeystore salesforce-gomeddo.p12 -srcstoretype pkcs12 -deststoretype JKS

it wil then prompt you for a new password for the key file use the same password as provided by google for the p12 file. it wil then ask you to confirm the password.

it wil then ask you for the password google provided with the p12 file.

After doing these steps you should now have a salesforce-gomeddo.jks file in the same directory.

Go to certs in salesforce and import the cert

Copy the Certificate’s Unique Name, you will need it in a further step

  1. Go to the google admin console

  2. Click security

  3. Click api controls

  4. Click manage domain wide delegation

  5. Click add new and set the client id to the client id that was created with your service account

  6. add the following scope


  7. Click Authorize

GoMeddo configuration

  1. Go to the Settings tab in the GoMeddo app

  2. Go to the Google Calendar Settings sub-tab

  3. Fill in the Service Account Email and Update service account email

  4. Fill in the Certificate Name with the Unique Name of the certificate and Update certificate name

  5. Click Check Connection

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