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Deploy Resource/Staff/Availabilities records

Install SFDMU

Start with downloading and installing the SFDMU plugin:

Download JSON

These steps assume you already performed the steps in Deploy Configuration records


The following data will be migrated between the target-org and the source-org when using the export.json here on the right. You first need to unzip the file which give you a folder to perform the actions.

  • B25__Resource_Type__c

  • B25__Resource__c

  • B25__Staff__c

  • B25__Availability__c

Perform the following steps to migrate this data between orgs

  1. Install the Salesforce CLI by following the steps mentioned here:

  2. Authorise the source-org (so the org where the data is currently is with the help of the the sf org login web command)

  3. Authorise the target-org (so the org where the data should be going)

  4. Install the SFDMU plugin by running sfdx plugins:install sfdmu in a terminal

  5. Make sure to create two Custom Settings to disable two Triggers on Resource and Resource Type as described here
    Disable Resource and Disable ResourceType

  6. Download and navigate to the export.json

  7. Navigate your Terminal to the folder where the export.json is stored

  8. Run the following command, replace the usernames of the target and the source with the usernames you used to authorise the orgs in step 2 and 3.
    sfdx sfdmu:run --sourceusername <SOURCE_USERNAME> --targetusername <TARGET_USERNAME>

  9. Remove the two custom settings that you have just created when the deploy has been completed.

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