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Deploy GoMeddo configuration data across orgs

As GoMeddo data is stored in Salesforce records, this requires some considerations when looking at deploying across Salesforce orgs. The best approach will depend on the situation.

As most of the GoMeddo configuration resides in Salesforce records and not in metadata, you can’t easily deploy it across orgs. Instead, configuration records will either need to be manually recreated, exported / imported using Data Loader, or inserted using a script. Consider beforehand what the best approach is for the given use case. For small implementations, manual recreation won’t be a problem, but for larger implementations you may want to invest in a script to easily deploy records to sandboxes for example.

Bottom line, always consider the volume of configuration records you will be creating, as this will impact the effort to migrate across orgs.

Best practices for deploys

Low number of records, occasional deploy

Manually recreate

Large number of records, occasional deploy

Data Loader

Regular deploy

Script - see below

When using the Data loader, make sure you review the GoMeddo Reservation Data Import Considerations page

Script: SFDX Data Move Utility

With the help of the SFDMU plugin for the SF CLI, you can follow these steps to migrate general GoMeddo configuration data, as well as more general-use oriented data such as Resources, Staff and Availabilities

We split this into two sections:

Refreshing a sandbox

More information on this can be found here.

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