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Reset configuration data (Sandbox Refresh)


If you have created or refreshed a sandbox based on your production environment where GoMeddo is installed, the configuration will probably not have copied over correctly. This goes for all sandboxes except Full Copy sandboxes. This article explains the steps you need to take in order to reset the configuration to the defaults, as if GoMeddo was just installed.


This process will delete all records of GoMeddo objects! Only perform this operation if the org does not have any data in GoMeddo objects that you want to preserve.

The following steps only work in a Sandbox environment.

The list of objects that will be deleted:

  • B25__Reservation__c

  • B25__ReservationContact__c

  • B25__Service_Reservation__c

  • B25__Recurring_Reservation__c

  • B25__Service_Type__c

  • B25__Service__c

  • B25__Service_Availability__c

  • B25__Reservation_Color__c

  • B25__Reservation_Type__c

  • B25__Dimension_Junction_display_Setting__c

  • B25__Calendar__c

  • B25__Calendar_View__c

  • B25__Reservation_Type__c

  • B25__Filterable_Field__c

  • B25__User_Setting__c

  • B25__View__c

  • B25__Time_Header__c

  • B25__Dimension__c

  • B25__Dimension_Field__c

  • B25__Dimension_junction__c

  • B25__Reservation_Display_Context__c

  • B25__Hover_Field__c

  • B25__Related_List_Field__c

  • B25__Related_List__c

  • B25__Reservation_Display__c

  • B25__Reservation_Title__c

  • B25__Reservation_Title_Group__c

  • B25__Availability__c

  • B25__Group_Membership__c

  • B25__Group__c

  • B25__Staff__c

  • B25__Resource_Grouping__c

  • B25__Timeframe__c

  • B25__Resource__c

  • B25__ResourceLayouts__c

  • B25__Resource_Type__c

  • B25__Abr_Queue_Item__c

  • B25__FieldAssignment__c

  • B25__AutomatedBookingRule__c

  • B25__ABRLocations__c

  • B25__Reservation_Status__c

  • B25__Custom_Buttons__c

  • B25__System_Setting__c

  • B25__GoMeddo_Settings__c

  • Any custom objects that you may have created, and that are details of any of the above objects in a Master-Detail relationship

Steps to perform

  1. Go to Setup > Custom Settings

  2. Click Manage next to System Setting with B25 in the Namespace Prefix column

  3. Click New

  4. Fill in Name field as follows: 'removeAllGoMeddoData'

  5. Fill in the String Value as follows 'Yes, I want to remove all GoMeddo data'

  6. Click Save

  7. Click on the wheel in the top right and then Developer Console

  8. In the new window, click Debug in the menu bar

  9. Click Open Execute Anonymous Window

  10. Copy and remove any existing text that may be there and save it somewhere, so it can be accessed again later if required

  11. Paste B25.Util_SandboxSetup.removeAllGoMeddoData(); and press the Execute button

  12. Remove the previous line, paste B25.Util_PostInstall.doFreshInstall(); and press Execute

  13. You have now successfully performed a fresh GoMeddo install

You can also migrate data from another environment by using Deploy GoMeddo configuration data across orgs

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