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Flow Templates for reservations

GoMeddo comes with flow templates that you can clone and adjust to your specific needs. This article explains the purpose of each flow template.

Default Reservation Flow Template

This flow template is a blueprint for flows that can make changes to a single reservation. This can be useful for example to pre-populate data on a new reservation. Some features that use this technique are:

Run a Flow when creating a new Reservation

Time Slot Picker (for record pages)

The flow has a single variable named reservation which is available for input and output. When this flow gets triggered by one of the above features, this variable will hold the reservation being created.

After cloning this template, add your own steps in order to populate the reservation with any data required for your use case.

Default Standalone Reservation Form Flow Template

This flow is similar to the previous one flow (Default Reservation Flow Template). This flow is a blueprint that can be used for configuration on the standalone reservation form. Besides the reservation variable also present in the other flow, this one has an extra input variable named contextRecordId. This variable will hold the id of the record on which page the standalone form is being displayed. For more information, see: Standalone Reservation Form

Default Dynamic Hover Field Flow Template

This flow template is a blueprint for flows that can display dynamically generated information when hovering over a Reservation or a Resource (or other dimension) on a calendar. More information can be found in the relevant article: Add fields and related lists to the hover

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