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Reservation Colors

You can customize the appearance of reservations on a calendar using Reservation Colors. These let you define the background color, the text color, and an optional border color.

You can define different colors based on a reservation’s status or its type. The next section will show you how to configure colors records.

Create a Reservation Color

  1. Go to the Calendars tab in the GoMeddo app and find the Calendar record that you want to add/modify the colors for.
    (info) You might need to switch your view from 'Recently Viewed' to 'All' if you do not see the record you want to edit.

  2. On the Related subtab, scroll down to the Reservation Colors related list, and click New.

  3. Fill in the colors as desired. You can use color names or HEX values to fine-tune the exact colors.

  4. Select the Reservation Status that this color applies to.
    For more info:Reservation Statuses

  5. Select the Reservation Type that this color applies to (GoMeddo includes a default reservation type named 'Reservation' when freshly installed).
    For more info: Reservation Types

  6. You can set the Opacity to a value lower than 1 to make the color slightly see-through.

It is good practice to make sure colors exist for all the Reservation Status / Reservation Type combinations in your org. If you have a Reservation with an unexpected color, double check what its Type and Status are, and what color you have configured for that combination.

Also make sure the Reservation Type is linked to the Calendar, as described here: Reservation Types


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