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Single Calendar

Component Description

This component displays a single Lightning calendar. It is only available for record pages. If you include this in an Experience Cloud, make sure it is on a record page.

See this article for more information on how to Add a Calendar to a Record Page.

General Properties

Whether the component is added to an Experience Cloud or not, the following properties are always available:






The component will take its configuration from the selected calendar record. Only calendars of record type Single Resource Calendar will be shown.

Max Height


The maximum height of the calendar in pixels.

Lookup to Dimension


A lookup on the record that points towards the dimension you want to display. More info below.

Filter identifier


Calendars with the same identifier share their filters. When empty, defaults to the name of the selected calendar.

Additional Experience Cloud Properties

When added to an Experience Cloud environment, the following additional properties are available:




Record ID


The id of the record the component is located on. Enter {!recordId} to automatically pass the id of the current record to the component.

Object Name


The object name of the current record. Enter {!objectApiName} to automatically pass the object name of the current record to the component.

Explanation of Lookup to Dimension

If Lookup to Dimension is empty, the calendar component will display for the current record. This means the current record will be the dimension, and will be used to get the opening times from and any related reservations. So for example if you place this component on a Staff record page, and you navigate to a specific Staff record, the component will show the available times for that Staff member, as well as any reservations for that Staff member.

If Lookup to Dimension is filled in, the calendar component will display for whichever record that lookup points to. So let’s say the Staff record from the example above has a lookup ‘Building’ which points to a resource, that record will be used to display the calendar. The available times and the displayed reservations will be of the related building instead of the Staff record whose page you are on.

In the above example with the related building, if that building contains multiple rooms that you want to display, you should use the Multi Calendar component instead of the Single Calendar.

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