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Vertical Calendar

The Vertical Calendar component displays days on the horizontal axis and hours on the vertical axis, like the Single Calendar, but is capable of displaying reservations for multiple dimensions like the Multi Calendar.

Add the component to a page

The Vertical Calendar is only available for app pages. Simply drag the component onto an app page, and then select a calendar configuration to display. The selected calendar config must be linked to a dimension, and must be of the Single Calendar record type. Optionally you can adjust the height of the component.

The component will display the reservations for every record of the linked dimension. So for example when the Single Resource Calendar has been selected, the component will display the reservations for every Resource in the org (that is shared with the user).

If you have a use case to only display reservations for specific records, or are running into limits because the component is trying to display too many records, you can wrap the Single Calendar component and pass it the ids of the dimension records you want to display reservations for. See Wrapping Calendar Components.

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