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Configure an Adyen payment provider

The configuration of Adyen in GoMeddo Payments consists of three steps you need to create credentials in Adyen, add the provider in GoMeddo Payments, then create a webhook in Adyen.

Provide the api key

  1. Login to your Adyen dashboard

  2. Go to “Developers”, this should in the menu and the left.

  3. Then click “API Credentials

  4. Create new credentials, and copy the generated API key.

Create provider in GoMeddo Payments

  1. In Salesforce open GoMeddo Payments

  2. Go to configuration

  3. Fill in the provider details

  4. Provider name can be anything recognizable

  5. Merchant account name needs to match your exact merchant account name from Adyen, this can be a different name then the account in Adyen.

  6. Indicate if you use Adyen as test or live

  7. Paste the generated API key from Adyen you copied from the previous step

  8. Press submit.


Setup the webhook

  1. In Salesforce open GoMeddo Payments

  2. Go to configuration

  3. Configure providerrs

  4. In the just configured Provider you’ll see a webhook URL. Copy this URL.

  5. Go back to Adyen

  6. Go to “Developers” in the menu at the left

  7. On the left sidebar click “Webhooks”

  8. Click “+ Add Endpoint”

  9. Standard webhook

  10. Give it a description

  11. In the Server endpoint paste the previously copied url.

  12. Go to security and add the basis authentication credentials as in the screenshot below

  13. Click on apply

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