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Post Install Steps

Page Layouts

This step can be replaced by adding the relevant GoMeddo Subscription Management fields, related list and buttons to your existing page layouts

  1. Change the necessary Page Layout assignments:

    1. Account: GoMeddo Subscription Management Account Layout

    2. Contract: GoMeddo Subscription Management Contract Layout

    3. Order: GoMeddo Subscription Management Order Layout

    4. Product: GoMeddo Subscription Management Product Layout

    5. Order Product: GoMeddo Subscription Management Order Item Layout

Add Contract Statuses

  1. Add the following values to the Status field on Contract, all of the type Activated:

    1. Ready

    2. Closed

    3. Terminated

Order them in the following way:

For more information on Contract Management, see Details of Contract Management

Next Steps

You can now proceed to

Configure GoMeddo Subscription Management

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