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In GoMeddo Subscription Management you can create settings to configure reminders for invoices that have not been paid.

Create Reminder Levels

To set up reminders, go to the Administration section you wish to use, and under the related tab, locate the Reminder Level related list. Create a record by clicking the new button, where you can define a Name, level, email template and the number of days overdue. If you don’t provide an email template, we will use a fallback email template.


Reminders are sent when invoices meets the following criteria:

  • The "amount due" field on the invoice must be greater than 0 and not empty.

  • The invoice must be in an administration with reminders enabled.

  • The number of days overdue must equal or exceed the specified number in the reminder level.

  • The invoice status must be "Finalized".

The reminder can contain multiple invoices for one account. And a single email, mentioning all the invoices, will be sent to the Billing Attendant designated for an Account. Optionally, an alternative contact can receive reminders by filling in the "Reminder Contact" field on the Account. Additionally, you can list comma-separated email addresses in the "Additional Reminder Email Addresses" field on the account.

This reminder e-mail will be logged on the account as an activity.

Not sending Reminders

You can bypass reminder sending at two levels: Invoice or Account.

Invoice: To block a reminder for an individual invoice, check the "Blocked for reminder levels" checkbox on the invoice.

Account: To block reminders for all invoices for an account, check the "Blocked for reminder levels" checkbox on that account.

Reminders Overview

Make sure to understand this page bypasses and blocked invoices/accounts when you have marked these as blocked.

In GoMeddo Subscription Management's Reminders Overview page, you'll find a list of all the invoices sent. Here, you can choose which invoices/accounts need immediate reminder notices. This action will override any blocked accounts/invoices and generate the reminders accordingly, depending on your scheduled jobs these reminders will also automatically be emailed to the customers.

Related Jobs

All jobs can be scheduled/unscheduled from the GoMeddo Subscription Jobs tab.

Job_UnblockAccounts | Auto blocking and unblocking - On a reminder level you can set an automatic number of days which are taken into account when blocking an account/invoice. after the specified number of days the account/invoice will automatically be unblocked.

Job_ReminderCreation | Creating reminder records - When this job is scheduled all the reminders will automatically be created in the system.

Job_EmailReminders | Send emails for reminders - When this job is scheduled all the reminders will automatically be emailed to the designated contacts in the system.

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