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Set up Automatic Invoice Creation and E-billing

To allow E-billing we need to set up some configuration and account details

E-billing set up

Setting up E-billing is a three-step approach.

  1. You have to create an Org Wide Address as explained by salesforce in this article:

  2. You have to get the id of the newly created record. The easiest solution is copying it from the URL address bar. You can also run a query (SOQL) to the system to show the Id of the record. The ID should start with 0D2.

    SELECT Id, Address, DisplayName from OrgWideEmailAddress

  3. Copy-paste this ID into the field on your administration named “Organization Wide Email” and save the administration.

Account details

For an account to qualify for E-billing some fields on the account have to be populated.

  1. A contact in the system should be created under the selected account. This contact will be marked as the person/department to receive the invoices.

  2. This contact should have a valid email address.

  3. On the selected account fill in the contact in the “Billing attendant to” field. After saving the “Billing email address” field will be filled with the email of the selected contact.

  4. Enable the checkbox “Digital Invoicing”, you can only do this when you completed the previous step.

Additional information

  1. If the account is situated in a European country. The VAT number should be checked in VIES as this is used to determine the VAT level of the invoices.

Next up

Next we’re going to be Scheduling Jobs

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