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GoMeddo Front-End and APIs

Front End

JavaScript SDK

Our Javascript SDK makes creating custom front-ends in websites and mobile apps easier for developers. It is meant to allow for easy communication with your GoMeddo implementation on Salesforce by providing common helper objects and methods.



GoMeddo contains various custom REST endpoints that allow you to retrieve and manipulate data. For the complete documentation, please refer to our swagger page:

GoMeddo Booking Engine API - v2

This API is used as an extension on top of the GoMeddo REST API. The main use for this API is to interact with Salesforce without having the user to authenticate themselves. All authentication is done by GoMeddo and is to be configured and coupled in the configuration page described here as part of the Widget configuration. This solution will only work with the GoMeddo Resource object (B25__Resource__c), not with other Dimension objects.

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