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JavaScript SDK

Introduction SDK

The GoMeddo JavaScript SDK is a powerful package that enables seamless communication between your GoMeddo implementation on Salesforce and your web application. With its various helper objects and methods, the SDK simplifies the process of finding resource records, creating reservations, updating records, and more.

The SDK provides a range of useful features::

  1. Finding resource records: With the SDK, you can quickly and easily find resource records that match specific conditions.

  2. Finding available resources: You can also use the SDK to find resource records that are available within a certain time frame, as well as the timeslots that these resources are available for.

  3. Checking service availability: The SDK allows you to see what services are available for each resource and when they are available.

  4. Creating reservations: Using the SDK, you can create reservations with attached lead/contact and service reservations.

  5. Finding reservation records: With the SDK, you can quickly and easily find reservation records that match specific conditions.

  6. Updating and deleting records: The SDK also allows you to update and delete reservation records and their child records.

  7. Price calculations: You can also use the SDK to run GoMeddo price calculations without actually inserting a reservation.

Installing the SDK is easy - simply use your preferred JavaScript package manager to install from the npm registry. The package comes with TypeScript typings and docstrings for your convenience. Alternatively, you can use the module in a script tag with unpkg.

Github Wiki

In the Github wiki you will find the detailed and technical documentation explaining the different objects and methods in the SDK.

Github SDK Example Project

We have also provided an example project on Github to provide an example of how you can use the SDK.
This project uses the GoMeddo SDK to implement an application that lets a user book an appointment with you via GoMeddo.

First time set-up

Check out the first steps you need to take before you can start using this SDK .

This is the first version of the SDK, new functionality is being added every day.
We welcome your feedback and suggestions, you can contact us via

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