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First time Set-up

Install GoMeddo Integration Package

  • Install GoMeddo

  • Install GoMeddo Landing Page Extension latest version

The following links will take you directly to the installation page in Salesforce:

Important! Make sure to always install “For Admins Only”.

If you are upgrading GoMeddo from v4.60 or below you need to follow these additional steps: Upgrading GoMeddo < v4.60 to support the widget

Resource setup in GoMeddo

In order to make GoMeddo Resources available to the GoMeddo API please follow these steps:

  1. Create Resource Types and Resources in GoMeddo

  2. Make sure the API Visible checkbox is enabled on the Resources you want to expose to the Widget

  3. Make sure all the parents of the Resource have the API Visible checkbox enabled

  4. Make sure each Resource has a Timezone

Create API Integration user

Create an API Only user, which has the following:

  1. GoMeddo license (only required on Production orgs, you can skip this step on Sandbox orgs)

  2. A Profile or Permission Set with Read and Create on Lead and/or Contact & Account, depending on the required functionality

  3. B25 Admin Permission Set

  4. B25 Landing Page Permission Set

  5. Permission Set for Reservation Contact

  6. Custom Permission Set with under System Permissions:

    1. API Enabled

    2. API Only User (only available in Enterprise Edition)

    3. Password Never Expires

First time setup

  1. Go to

  2. Fill in a name that you will remember

    1. If you already have a Widget configuration, you can access it via<yourwidgetname>/configure/settings/

  3. Log in with the API User you created

  4. Click Allow

  5. You can now create the API key

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