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Upgrading GoMeddo < v4.60 to support the widget

When you want to use the GoMeddo Widget and are currently on a GoMeddo version before 4.60 you need to upgrade GoMeddo to the latest version before the implementation and perform some post-install steps to support the widget.

Also install the latest Landings page package, Widget - Overview.


Make sure to adjust the Dimension Junction related to the Contact dimension to use new fields. This Dimension junction is called B25__ReservationContact__c

  • Change the Reservation Lookup API Name from B25__Reservation__c to B25__Reservation_Lookup__c

  • Change the Dimension Lookup API Name from B25__Contact__c to B25__Contact_Lookup__c

You need to remove the Master Details fields that are currently saved on the B25__ReservationContact__c object.

This can be done in Lightning to navigate to
Setup → Object Manager → Reservation Contact (B25__ReservationContact__c) → Fields & Relationships

  • Press the dropdown next to the Contact__c field and select remove

  • Press the dropdown next to the Reservation__c field and select remove

In some cases you have to switch to Salesforce Classic to remove these fields. This can be by clicking your profile picture in the top-right and select “switch to classic”

In classic, navigate to Setup → Create / objects → Reservation Contact → press del next to the Contact__c and Reservation__c fields.

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