Important! Make sure to always install “For Admins Only”.

If you receive an error that the install is failing because of ‘(Booker25EmailTemplates) To create email template folders, enable Folders and Enhanced Sharing., please follow these steps.

Latest version
Version 5.4 -May 10, 2023


  • We’ve extended our Custom Form Logic . It was already possible to improve the behaviour of the reservation form with custom form logic.
    But we added some new possibilities. It’s now possible to enable or disable fields, show or hide fields, or show or hide entire sections. And use this when opening the reservation form.  This way you can improve the user experience by only showing users the necessary fields and sections. find out how to do this, check out our documentation page on Custom Form Logic. 

  • We made some improvements to the Reservation Record page layout. It’s now possible to use the reservation form on the page layout instead of using the standard Salesforce fields. Making it more consistent and easy to edit your reservation from the record page. 

Bugfixes & Improvements

  • Bugfix [Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'start')]

  • Small bug with duration and reservations without reservation type.

  • Fixed some related list bug and made some small improvemnts

  • In a clean install VisualForce calendars and tabs shouldn't be visible anymore.

  • Removed the View Calendar from context pointing to the old calendars.

  • Dynamic picklists (like status) now display a “none” options

  • The standalone recurring components had problems if the recurring Id was not on the page

  • Multi entity lookups work correctly now on the reservation form

Version 5.3 -April 7, 2023

We’ve added a lot of new functionalities and improvements to the calendar and the reservation form with the most important being the Reservation Duration and the Zoom integration.


  • Reservation Duration 

    Is now available on the reservation form. The Duration field on reservation type was already available but now it is also validating on the reservation form. This means you can give a reservation type a fixed duration and the reservation form will enter the endtime based on the start time, making it a lot easier to work with fixed durations. The endtime itself is disabled for manual input.  For reservations with a duration, drag and drop resizing is disabled on the calendar. 

    All of this functionality can be overridden for specific users by giving them the Override Reservation Duration Custom Permission. For more information refer to our documentation

  • GoMeddo Zoom Integration

    It's now very easy to set up an integration between Zoom and GoMeddo which you can use to add links to Zoom meetings to the GoMeddo reservation.

    For more information refer to our documentation for instructions and how to install this package.

Bugfixes & Improvements

  • The reservation will now automatically update the endtime if you make changes to the start time.

  • To make it a lot easier to schedule reservations starting around the same time, we’ve added a small blank space next to every reservation on the calendar.

  • The scheduler has been updated to work with the latest Salesforce changes. Interested? Refer to the
    updated documentation.

  • The bug that caused the timepicker component to be hidden behind the rest of the screen has been fixed. 

  • Fixed the bug where using special characters to search in GoMeddo lookups would result in an error.

  • Fixed a bug where inactive resources were not filtered out of intelligent search results

  • Month view did not show reservations on previous months although the dates were shown in the calendar view, now they will.

  • Dynamic dimension groupings now support translated picklist values

Version 5.2 - February 20, 2023

This release includes a lot of bug fixes and some improvements to the GoMeddo Outlook synchronization.

Improvements & Bug fixes

  • It’s now possible to use a setting to change the sync window in Outlook

  • You can now test if your Outlook credentials are correct using a new check connection button on the Outlook settings tab.

  • We improved the Outlook synchronization for recurring reservations and made general improvements to the reliability of the synchronization.

  • Reservation Type dropdown at the top of the standalone form did not display the type that was set by the pre-create flow

  • We fixed some situations where single calendars would not load reservations correctly. This was often the case when a calendar was wrapped and the dimensionId would be populated using an apex call.

  • Fixed an issue where Experience Cloud would show an error when using a guest user.

  • Fixed an error with insufficient privileges to create a field in the Experience Cloud. 

  • Moving or changing reservations would display multiple copies of the same reservation on the month view of the single calendar. 

  • Fixed an issue where the real time validation would not revalidate when a formula field was used in validation and a field referenced in the formula changed.

  • Fixed an issue where copy pasting using the mouse would cause the credential fields on the outlook settings tab to not register their new contents.

Version 5.1 - February 1, 2023

We’re proud to announce this new version of GoMeddo (previously Booker25). It’s all about our new name and rebranding and also includes one improvement for recurring reservations.


  • We have rebranded the Booker25 app to GoMeddo, changing names, labels, icons and a lot more. If you want to read more about the new name, see our blog post

Improvements & Bug fixes

Version 4.86 - January 20, 2023

This version contains nice improvements regarding Price Calculations and Double Booking matching conditions, and a few bug fixes as well.


  • It’s now possible to define yourself which fields are used in the trigger for price calculation, based on the same configuration which was already available for the reservation form. Take a look at our documentation to find out how.

  • We have made some changes to the Double Booking Matching conditions. Instead of providing a condition in the field on dimension you can now specify the condition using Custom Metadata Types. This changes what is possible by allowing more complex reflective conditions. Check out our documentation to learn more.

Improvements & Bug fixes

  • When parent resources are not shared with a user, but the availability inheritance is set to full, the calendar gave an error, this is now fixed.

  • Some bug fixes in the Wizard for creating Calendars.

  • Double Booking Matching Condition also affected capacity checking, it will not anymore.

  • In some cases where double bookings was allowed in combination with formula fields, a validation was still shown that it wasn't allowed, this has now been fixed.

Admin Actions

If you are upgrading, do the following to get the most out of this release.

  • The changes made to the double booking matching conditions are not backwards compatible. If you currently use a double booking matching condition you will have to convert that condition into a Custom Metadata Type and change the reference on the dimension record. See our documentation on this.

Version 4.85 - December 19, 2022

This version contains a nice improvement regarding bypassing availability and some smaller improvements and bug fixes.


  • There is a new configuration option to allow certain reservations to ignore availabilities, and to be booked outside of opening times. By default, this is controlled by the new Allow Unavailable Bookings field on Reservation Status. Check out our Conflict Checking documentation page.

Improvements & Bug fixes

  • We've updated the reservation form to be able to handle the new salesforce address fields.

  • Small improvements to the filters when selecting “none”.

  • We fixed some cases where the real time validation would not work.

  • Small fix where date-time fields on reservations could be out of sync

  • We've improved the validation errors on recurring reservations when making reservations with high recurrence.

  • We’ve improved the calendar loading behaviour when applying filters.

  • The recurring conflicts component height did not work correctly in all situations.

Admin Actions

If you are upgrading, do the following to get the most out of this release.

  • Add the field Allow Unavailable Bookings to the Reservation Status page layout.

  • Add the field Reservation Skip Availability Field to the Dimension page layout.

Version 4.84 November 16, 2022

This version contains a very nice new feature to add ICS files to email templates so recipients can easily add reservations to their calendars. It also contains flow and email templates for new, changed, and canceled reservations including these ICS files, and for sending check-in QR codes to reservation contacts. These new flows and email templates allow you to quickly set up email notifications in your org.


  • To add ICS files to an email, we have added an invocable apex action which can be used from a flow to send an email template including ICS file.

  • New flow and email template for new, changed and canceled reservations (including the ICS file)

  • New flow and email template for sending check-in QR code to reservation contacts

  • New flow and email template for sending canceled reservation emails

Take a look at our documentation page, describing the flows and email templates.


  • The dimension junctions now also support intelligent search. They will no longer show unavailable options and will warn users when an option would result in a soft conflict, making it easier and more effective to use.

  • The dynamic Filter now automatically uses some defaults to make it easier to use.

  • The way we handle recurring reservations has improved, it’s now a lot easier to handle recurring reservations in case of conflicting reservations.

Bug fixes

  • Closing the 'Hidden Resources' filter with the button caused an issue, which has now been solved.

  • Pick-lists didn’t support a -none- value, we've added this option.

Admin Actions

If you are upgrading, do the following to get the most out of this release.

  • It should be enabled already for all organizations, but it's necessary that Folders and Enhanced Sharing is enabled.
    So if you face any installation errors, please take a look there

Version 4.83 - November 9, 2022

We added an improvement to the recently released occupancy functionality, so you can now use the results in flows.


  • To expose the functionality of the previously released occupancy component to be used in flows as well, we’ve now added it as an apex action. This allows you to use the occupancy data influence the behaviour of your flows.

Version 4.82 - October 7, 2022

We added one nice new feature, checking in and out, optionally using QR codes,  next to that we did quite some nice improvements and bug fixes.


  • Checkin - Checkout functionality has been added, we now allow you to quickly check-in and check-out your reservation contacts. We provide you with the option to add a QR-code to facilitate this.  When the QR code is scanned it opens the Salesforce mobile app and gives you two actions (check-in and check-out). We store the times of these actions. This functionality is also available in the desktop record page view or when you’re using the API. Check out our documentation to see how this works in more detail.


  • The dimension junctions now also support intelligent search. They will no longer show unavailable options and will warn users when an option would result in a soft conflict, making it easier and more effective to use.

  • The dynamic Filter now automatically now uses some defaults to make it easier to use.

  • The way we handle recurring reservations has improved, it’s now a lot easier to handle recurring reservations in case of conflicting reservations.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed some issues with double booking in soft conflicts situations

  • Fields in Double Booking Matching Condition will now trigger revalidation on the reservation form when changed.

  • Fixed cross object Double Booking Matching Conditions not working in intelligent lookups.

  • Fixed GoMeddo installation failures on orgs with Shield Platform Encryption.

Admin Actions

If you are upgrading, do the following to get the most out of this release.

  • If you want the QR code to check-in make sure to add it to the reservation contact page layout.

Version 4.81 August 19, 2022

We added a new occupancy component that displays the occupancy for your records! Additionally, we now support fixed pricing options. We included some bug fixes and some minor improvements as part of this release as well.


Fixed pricing option
To allow extra and easier pricing options, we have added an option to add a fixed price to a booking besides the already existing pricing options. A fixed price stays the same, Independent of the length of the booking.

Occupancy component
In this version we have added insights into your occupancy. We show you the occupancy of your dimension records (Resources, Staff, etc) based on available time versus existing reservations in GoMeddo.

Take a look at our documentation to find out more

Custom Form Logic improvement
We introduced some improvements in Custom Form Logic.
We now show you that custom form logic is still running by showing a loading indicator. Next to this we now allow a more convenient way to add icons to the search results which are shown based on custom form logic.

Check out our documentation to see how this works in more detail

Bug fixes

GoMeddo upgrades would sometimes fail due to a missing field in the configuration. We fixed that in this release so it no longer references that field

We made sure that if a user does not have write permissions to the Conflict object, the conflicts are now handled as hard conflicts.

Admin Actions

If you are upgrading, do the following to get the most out of this release.

If you want to use the occupancy component, you need to add it to the dimension record pages.

If you run into an installation failed error it might be necessary to change the “IS Installing” custom setting to true:

  • Go to Setup

  • Search for Custom Settings

  • Click Manage next to System Setting

  • Change the value to true.

If you don’t have that setting, follow the following steps:

  • Go to SetupSearch for Custom Settings

  • Click Manage next to System Setting

  • Click NewName the record IS_INSTALLING, and for Boolean Value true

Version 4.80 July 15, 2022

In this release we introduce two major new features, next to that we solve a number of bugs and we have focused on improving the overall experience of the app.Multi-dimensional availability now displays the dependencies in the multi-calendar. Making it clear when you can make a reservation while there is a dependency on another dimension (e.g. staff working in a specific location for example).And also we introduce custom conflict rules, this allows you to conflict reservations based on your own fields. For example, if your business rule specifies that in a student room a single gender is allowed you can see if the reservation that is being created fits that criteria.


  • The recently released “Multi-dimensional availabilities” will now be displayed in a way that makes it clearly distinguishable compared to normal availabilities in the multi-calendar.

  • We replaced the old Visualforce calendars with the new LWC calendars for fresh installs.

  • We introduced a new way in which you can filter for dimension records that have reservations. We now give you the option to show only the records that actually have reservation that apply to your filter.
    Check out our documentation.

  • In this version we introduce a new conflict checking option. With this you can create your own “reflective criterias” which allows you to specify when something should (or should not conflict). For example in the screenshot below we can make sure that only two reservations with the same Gender__c value are allowed in the same resource.
    Check out our documentation.

  • Added the ability to use the readOnly and hiddenReservationFilters on the mobile calendar when wrapping it.

Bug fixes

  • We make sure any error messages are now clearly displayed on the page or in the browser's-console instead of suppressing them from the page.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause an error toast notification to say Unknown error instead of the actual error message.

  • Enabling live-sync for google/outlook caused the sync to not be scheduled automatically. This has been fixed.

  • For the Custom Form Logic the Test_FormHelper now allows you to better test the interaction with specific related list items.

  • For the Custom Form Logic the Test_FormHelper now allows you to run the before save action.

Version 4.79 July 7, 2022

This release has major improvements for the use of GoMeddo in the Salesforce Mobile app. We also made the Scheduler generally available, you no longer need to contact us to use this feature.


  • Added a mobile calendar. This calendar will show a single day view that is optimised to be used in the Salesforce mobile app. With improved usability of the reservation form as well. Look at our documentation how to configure this.

  • The Searchresult class in the custom form  now exposes the id and label properties

  • Added the ability to use values like TODAY and YESTERDAY in the filters on the calendar if they are set to date or datetime fields. Click the use relative date link to switch to relative date mode in the calendar filters.

  • Scheduler is made generally available.

‍Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused certain updates triggered by the custom form logic to not update on the form correctly.

  • Removed the B25__Outlook_ICalUId__c field this field was no longer used by the outlook sync and would cause issues on some orgs.

  • Fixed a bug that caused an error when a dimension junction had double booking checking set to none.

  • Fixed a bug where the /availability rest endpoint didn't respect the allow double booking field on the dimension sObject.

Version 4.78 April 4, 2022

This release is packed with a lot of improvements that help you to maintain GoMeddo better. We have added UI for admins so they can easily create hovers and titles for calendars, and we have added a wizard that allows you to set up new calendars in a breeze.


  • We have added a component for the reservation titles. This component allows for simple editing of the titles shown on calendars.

  • We also added an editor component for the hovers. This component allows you to edit all the relevant information for the hovers. It also gives you a live preview of the hover.

  • The new "Calendar Wizard" leads you through the process of creating a calendar for any object. It will create the required configuration records as well as the required objects and fields​Calendars now have a minimum height. This allows you to still properly edit filters when no dimension records are shown in the calendar.

  • We included a new field for the attendees in outlook/google for reservations. This field can contain a comma separated list of email addresses and will be synced to the attendees in outlook/google. When syncing back to GoMeddo this list will be updated if attendees have been removed/added.

Bug fixes

  • The month view of the single record calendar now no longer displays reservation buffers. The reservation is displayed as a full day, making it impossible to show accurate buffer highlights.

  • Fixed dimension hovers that produced an error when hovering over a grouping of records.

  • Removed the scheduler export to image functionality because of changes to locker security in Salesforce.

  • We fixed an issue when editing reservation with a predefined timeframes.

Admin actions

  • Drag the Hover Definition component to the Record page for Hover definition object in the lightning page builder

  • Drag the Title Definition component to the Record page for Reservation Title Group object in the lightning page builder

Version 4.77 March 3, 2022

This small release fixes a null pointer issue with the REST api when reservations with null quantity are present and provides a new endpoint to retrieve a reservations price based on the price calculation configured in GoMeddo.


  • Added a new endpoint that allows you to run the custom price calculation without inserting a reservation.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that generated a null pointer on the /availability endpoint when the requested range contained a reservation with null quantity.

Version 4.76 February 9, 2022

This release brings a long-requested feature. You can now specify that two or more records have a dependent availability. Such as a staff that is only available in a single location (Tim works in Amsterdam on Mondays, but London on Tuesdays) or a machine that can only be booked by certain staff members.


  • Multi-dimensional availability, allowing you to specify a dependent availability such as a teacher that is available in one location. They can relate to multiple records, so you can enforce that if a staff member uses a location they are also required to book a specific tool. Documentation can be found here.

multi dimensional availability display image
  • Date RangeFilter, you can specify a time range to only show available records during that time. Documentation can be found here:

  • Toast Notifications, the Custom Form Logic now allows you to send Toast notifications. Documentation can be found here.

Bug fixes

  • Made sure that the LWC Security update that will be rolled out in Spring ‘22 is not affecting GoMeddo.

  • When inputting an empty reservation in the timeslot picker component for flows you no longer get an infinite loading screen

  • We fixed a null pointer error when (un)deleting dimension junction records.

Admin Actions

  • There is a new field on Availability “Is Dependent Availability” please give your users access to this field and add it to the page layout. The Multi-calendar for record pages now has the option to say it should take these availabilities into account, ther is a new checkbox in the lightning page builder called "Availability Filter" to activate this feature.

Version 4.75 December 13, 2021

Some small changes are released in this version. Mainly related to the outlook sync and the timeslot picker.


  • You can now overwrite the GoMeddo sync so it does not sync for changes on the reservation record

  • We made sure that we only sync reservations for fields where a field in the sync mapping is updated.

Bug fixes

  • Timeslot pickers now no longer fail when the user's timezone is different from the computer's timezone.

  • Timeslot pickers now also checks on capacity.