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Resource Grouping

Resources can be grouped together in order to make a Reservation in one Resource also occupy another Resource. This is useful when you have Resources that may be combinations of smaller Resources. Imagine for example an Event Space 'A' and an Event Space 'B'. These may be separated by a removable wall, which when removed creates Event Space 'A + B'.

Step-by-step guide

  1. In the GoMeddo App, go to the Resources & Types tab

  2. If you don't have one yet, create a Resource that is a combination of other Resources. For example Event Space 1 + 2

  3. Go to the related lists of Event Space 1 + 2 and scroll down to the Resource Groupings related list

  4. Click New and link Event Space 1

  5. Do the same for Event Space 2

  6. If you now create a Reservation on the calendar in either Event Space 1, Event Space 2 or Event Space 1 + 2, the linked Resources will display greyed out blocks during the Reservation's duration on the calendar

Conflict checking

Conflict checking respects configuration, while keeping the following in mind: a resource is occupied when a reservation exists in its grouping. An occupation prevents a reservation from being made in a resource. However, resources can be occupied by multiple other groupings at the same time. If you want to prevent this, make sure you create groupings accordingly.


Imagine a grouped resource Event Space 1 + 2 that allows double bookings. Even if its sub-resources Event Space 1 and Event Space 2 do not allow double booking, you will be able to create double bookings in Event Space 1 + 2, which will be reflected by multiple occupied blocks in Event Space 1 and Event Space 2. However, as soon as an occupied block exists in either Event Space 1 or Event Space 2, you will not be able to create a new reservation there due to those blocking double bookings.

Another example of how to use resource groupings can be found in this article: Double Booking Matching Condition | Placeholder-and-Grouping-Example

Data model

Object Name

Object API Name

Resource Grouping


Field name

Field API name


Resource One


This resource blocks the other resource and vice versa

Resource Two


This resource blocks the other resource and vice versa

Is Active


When not active, this resource grouping has no effect

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