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Set Resource Pricing


GoMeddo allows you to define prices for the Resources which are booked. These prices can be set up on an individual Resource, per Resource Type or you can define custom pricing. 
Currently four different types of price calculation are supported:

  • Price per person, the price will be calculated based on the number of people on the reservation. 

  • Price per time unit, the price of the reservation will be based on the amount of time units on the reservation

  • Price per person per time unit, the price will be booked based on the total of time units for all people on the reservation 

  • Fixed price, independent of the length or amount of people on the reservation the same price is calculated.  


If you want to use pricing you first need to enable it in the System Settings.

  • You can first indicate that resources have a price, otherwise no prices will be shown on resource level.

  • You can choose if you want users to be able to overwrite the price calculation themselves on the reservation, if you don't want this you need to "Disable Subtotal Input"

  • If you want to use pricing based on Time Unit, you can set the Reservation Pricing Unit in minutes in System Settings as well. 

Then navigate to Resource and Types to configure the calculation method and prices. 

  • If you want to set it up for a Resource Type go to Resource Type details, here you can select the Default Price Calculation and the Default Price. These default fields will be populated on all Resources of this Resource Type, but can be changed on each individual resource.

It's also possible to just use it on Resource level and add the prices on individual Resources. 

For more advanced pricing calculation options take a look at Apply custom price calculations.

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