When you have performed the actions in the Set up Zoom App step, you need to authenticate the Zoom App you just created from Salesforce, it requires you to perform a few easy steps to authenticate.

Add an Auth provider

  1. In Salesforce, go to Setup

  2. Under Identity you will find Auth. providers

  3. Add a new provider, for the type select Open id connect

  4. Give this record a name and add the client id copied from the Zoom app to “key”

  5. Add the client secret to “secret”

  6. For the authenticate url use:

  7. For the token url use:

  8. Make sure that “Send client credentials in header” is checked

  9. Save the record

After that you need to add a Named Credential

  1. Go to setup>Security>Named credentials

  2. Navigate to the External credentials tab

  3. Give it a recognisable name and label, and choose oAuth 2.0 as the protocol

  4. Then add scope: meeting:write:admin

  5. Choose the authentication provider that has been created before

  6. Save

Map and assign permission set

  1. Add a permission set mapping to the external credential

  2. Select the packaged permission set or select one that you have created

  3. Make sure to choose Named Principal for identity type

  4. Save

  5. Then go actions on the permission set and press Authenticate:

  6. Press Allow

  7. Then Salesforce will inform you it was succesful

  8. Assign the permission set to the users that should be able to create Zoom Meetings.

Add named credentials

  1. Then go back to named credentials, now add a named credentials (not an external credential this time!)

  2. Add a Label and add GoMeddoZoom as name.

  3. Add https://api.zoom.us/v2 to the URL field

  4. Add the external credentials GoMeddo Zoom and add GMZoom as namespace

  5. Save