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Set up Account and Administration relations (Debtors/Creditors)

We assume that you have completed the Set up Product Administration Relations steps. If not, please complete those first.

For GoMeddo Subscription Management to work properly it is important to make sure that the Accounts you are selling to in an Administration have a Debtor number for that Administration.

Edit Account Page Layout

You may skip this step if you followed the Post Install Steps

On the Account Page Layout, you should either add some fields or use the default GoMeddo Subscription Management Page Layout. The fields are the following:

  • Payment Method

  • Payment Term (Days)

  • Digital Invoicing (via e-mail)

  • Consolidated Invoices

You should also add the Manage Debtor Numbers button to the page layout

Finally, add the following related lists:

  • Orders

  • Invoices

  • Contracts

Manage Debtor Numbers

  1. Go to Account for which you want to create debtor numbers

  2. Go to the Related tab

  3. Click New on the Debtor Numbers related list

  4. Fill in the relevant fields and click Save

Manage Debtor Numbers (with a Twinfield / Exact sync)

With a Twinfield or Exact integration, you can manage debtor numbers on a per Administration basis by clicking the Manage Debtor Numbers button. From here, you see the details in Twinfield or Exact. This also allows you to either synchronise or create new records in that system.

Every administration can potentially have the same account. This allows you to distinguish to which account you can provide which services. It also allows you to manage this account in the different administrations.

Next up

Next, we’re going to look at How to create a custom invoice layout

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