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Set up Product Administration Relations

We assume that you have completed the Configure GoMeddo Subscription Management steps. If not, please complete those first.

For GoMeddo Subscription Management to work properly you need to add products to administrations. Which indicates that a product is available to use in that administration.

1. Replace Product Page Layout

You may skip this step if you followed the Post Install Steps

GoMeddo Subscription Management comes with a default GoMeddo Subscription Management Product Page Layout with specific fields that can assign to Profiles.

  1. Navigate to the Object Manager in Setup

    1. Navigate to the Product object

    2. Click the Page Layouts section

    3. Click the Page Layout Assignment button

    4. Reassign the GoMeddo Subscription Management page layout to the correct Profiles. If this layout is not available you have to perform the following actions.

      1. Add the Manage Administration button to the button section

      2. Add the Cost Type field to the layout.

      3. Add the Administration Products related list to the related list section.

  2. There should now be a button on a Products, called “Manage administrations”

2. Manage Administrations

You can specify for each Product:

  • for which Administrations it is available

  • which VAT Rates apply

  • which ledger is related to the product

  • what kind of performance type this product is

  1. Go to the Product you want to configure

  2. Click the Manage Administrations button

  3. You should see a screen similar to this

  4. From here, you can add the Product to every Administration that is allowed to sell this product

Next up

Next we’re going to Set up Account and Administration relations (Debtors/Creditors)

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