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Version Overview & Summary

An overview of past release notes, grouped per quarter.

This page is especially useful to customers still being on old product versions to see the progress over time and, eventually, new features and improvements they would like to get by updating to the latest version of GoMeddo.

N.B. bug fixes are not included in this overview and summary as they are part of normal ongoing improvement and maintenance processes.
Access the full-length release notes here:

Year / Versions

GoMeddo - Features & Improvements

Q2 - 2024

Vers. 5.17
Vers. 5.18

  • Performance improvements for the Widget

  • Show illustration when no records are found

  • GoMeddo Payments that allows quick and easy integration with payment service providers

  • Long validation messages on conflict rules now truncate to 255 characters automatically

  • Allow the dynamic filters and “hide rows without reservations” to be used in wrapped calendars

  • Visual improvements to the timeslot picker, also making it more responsive on mobile

Q1 - 2024

Vers. 5.13
Vers. 5.14
Vers. 5.15
Vers. 5.16

  • Improvements to the possibilities and configuration experience of the email action provided to send ics files

  • Started implementing platform cache to improve GoMeddo’s performance

  • Provided an Experience Cloud Guest User GoMeddo Permission set to make it easier to use GoMeddo with Guest users

  • GoMeddo Microsoft Teams Integration

  • GoMeddo Events allows to leverage the power of Salesforce and extend it with an easy to use pre-configured package to solve eventing needs

  • Improvements to buffer times

  • Updated Time Slot Picker screen flow component to allow for multiple id’s

  • Added a Rest Endpoint to allow the retrieval of multidimensional timeslots

  • Services can now be marked “API Visible” in Salesforce, allowing usage to be restricted in the widget and landing page

  • Improvements to the Widget Performance and Configuration, as well as extra possibilities such as adding the lead source and making services API visible

Q4 - 2023

Vers. 5.10
Vers. 5.11
Vers. 5.12

  • New feature to expose calendars in a vertical way

  • New reservation Timeslot Picker for reservations

  • Added new global methods: TimeSlotGenerator and TimeSlotFinder

  • New functionality to show the calendar in the user timezone

  • Using Custom Form Logic, now possible to show and hide buttons on the reservation form

  • Lookups made more user-friendly, by allowing you to search on related content

  • Made the Price calculation function global

  • “View In Salesforce" buttons on Resources & Types tab now open in a new browser tab

  • Occupancy percentage now rounded in the occupancy hover

  • Improvements in showing date time fields on the hover

  • Improvements to Time Slot Picker (for flows) | Reservation-time-slot-picker

  • Relaxed permission checking in our Apex action to send emails with ICS attachments from flows Using flow templates to send email

  • Improvement to the filters to also hide any non-reservable Resource without children

  • Improvements in lookups when typing fast

Q3 - 2023

Vers. 5.8
Vers. 5.9

  • Recurring reservations are now validated using the new rule engine

  • Global apex BulkValidator method now validates using the new rule engine

  • Conflict Rules allow to fully enforce business logic on reservations which are being made using GoMeddo

  • Now possible to change only future occurrences of your recurring reservations

  • Added multi picklist filtering, to make it easier to select multiple items

  • Upgraded the API version from 54 to 56

Q2 - 2023

Vers. 5.3
Vers. 5.4
Vers. 5.5
Vers. 5.7

  • Reservation Duration now available on the reservation form

  • GoMeddo Zoom Integration

  • GoMeddo Subscription Management to generate invoices from contracts, orders and subscriptions

  • Extended Custom Form Logic: enable or disable fields, show or hide fields, or show or hide entire sections, and use this when opening the reservation form

  • Improvements to the Reservation Record page layout

  • Removed the View Calendar from context pointing to the old calendars

  • Dynamic picklists (like status) now display a “none” options

  • Calendar now shows buffer time the same size as the rest of the reservation

  • Now possible to use the org wide email address to use in the email templates provided to check-in/out, and to confirm reservations and generate ics files

  • Improvements to the calendar wizard

  • Possibility to disable the drag and drop option on all lightning calendars

  • Improved Keyboard accessibility

  • Rich Text Area Fields now are shown better on the reservation form

  • Improvements in reservation colors

Q1 - 2023

Vers. 4.86
Vers. 5.1
Vers. 5.2

  • Possible to define which fields are used in the trigger for price calculation, based on the same configuration which was already available for the reservation form

  • Changes to the Double Booking Matching conditions

  • Related lists are now also taken into account while using the recurring reservation functionality

  • Now possible to use a setting to change the sync window in Outlook and improved the Outlook synchronization for recurring reservations

Q4 - 2022

Vers. 4.82
Vers. 4.83
Vers. 4.84
Vers. 4.85

  • Check-in/Check-out functionality to quickly check-in and check-out reservation contacts. We provide the option to add a QR-code to facilitate this functionality

  • Dimension junctions now also support intelligent search

  • Dynamic Filter now automatically uses some defaults to make it easier to use

  • Now much easier to handle recurring reservations in case of conflicting reservations

  • Added the occupancy component as an apex action to allow using the occupancy data influence the behaviour of flows

  • Add ICS files to an email

  • New flow and email template for new, changed and canceled reservations (including the ICS file)

  • New flow and email template for sending check-in QR code to reservation contacts

  • New flow and email template for sending canceled reservation emails

  • New configuration option to allow certain reservations to ignore availabilities, and to be booked outside of opening times

  • Updated reservation form to be able to handle the new Salesforce address fields

  • Improved validation errors on recurring reservations when making reservations with high recurrence

Q3 - 2022

Vers. 4.79
Vers. 4.80
Vers. 4.81

  • Major improvements for the use of GoMeddo in the Salesforce Mobile app

  • Added a mobile calendar

  • The Searchresult class in the custom form now exposes the id and label properties

  • Ability to use values like TODAY and YESTERDAY in the filters on the calendar if they are set to date or datetime fields

  • Scheduler is made generally available

  • Multi-dimensional availability now displays the dependencies in the multi-calendar

  • Custom conflict rules: this allows to conflict reservations based on your own fields

  • Replaced the old Visualforce calendars with the new LWC calendars for fresh installs

  • New way in which you can filter for dimension records that have reservations

  • New conflict checking option to specify when something should (or not) conflict

  • Ability to use the readOnly and hiddenReservation Filters on the mobile calendar when wrapping it

  • New occupancy component that displays the occupancy for your records

  • Fixed pricing option to allow extra and easier pricing options

  • Custom Form Logic improvement‍

Q2 - 2022

Vers. 4.78

  • Component for the reservation titles to allow for simple editing of the titles

  • Editor component to allow editing all the relevant information for the hovers

  • Calendar Wizard that leads through the process of creating a calendar for any object

  • New field for the attendees in Outlook/Google for reservations

Q1 - 2022

Vers. 4.76
Vers. 4.77

  • Endpoint that allows to run the custom price calculation without inserting a reservation

  • Two or more records can have a dependent availability

  • Multi-dimensional availability

  • Date RangeFilter

  • Toast Notifications

Q4 - 2021

Vers. 4.75

  • Overwrite the GoMeddo sync

  • Only sync reservations for fields where a field in the sync mapping is updated

  • GoMeddo Floorplan to visualize space occupancy

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